Marie-Thérèse Du-Pond


I discovered the benefits of massage therapy during my intense years of dance training when my back gave out during a back bend I pushed a bit too far. The treatments I received allowed me not only to return to my training full time, but also improved my general sense of wellbeing during a demanding schedule and greatly improved my sleep quality. I always wanted to study in a health-related field and be a constructive influence in people’s efforts to improve their own wellbeing and easing discomfort.

My approach includes Swedish massage, myofascial release; trigger point therapy, Cyriax frictions, deep tissue work, lymphatic drainage, PNF stretch, joint play and rhythmic mobilizations. I find the latter, when suitable, very useful in allowing the body to become more malleable and receptive to other techniques.

When tailoring your individual treatment plan, I endeavor to choose the techniques, depth and approach to target your specific needs, physical state and goals. Wherever you find yourself today: whether in recovery from a set back, looking for greater mobility and balance from a hectic lifestyle or on a race to reach your highest game, I seek to be in-tune with your needs and meet your treatment goals so you can function at your best.

Now is the best time to give yourself a boost and start helping your body get closer to it’s painless, freely-moving self. So go ahead, book your appointment. Your muscles are aching for it (especially those around your neck and shoulders, and let’s not forget about your lower back…yes those aches are talking to you). It is a small investment that releases tension, reduces pain and repays you with a sense of ease, greater wellbeing and mobility!

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